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Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation Team up with Bike Pure


Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation is a brand new Domestic Elite Women’s Cycling Team based in the Northeast Region of the United States (Albany, NY). The team was formed keeping the following objectives in mind:
1. To promote, develop and foster the growth of women’s cycling.
2. To provide a unique marketing and branding experience for sponsors.
3. To educate and inspire girls toward healthy living and physical activity.

Though the idea of directing a team had been a long-time ambition of Andy Ruiz, Director Sportif and competitive cyclist for 30+ years, the real-work of creating Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation began in August of 2013. The core group consisted of four people: Beth Ruiz, Kate Lysakowski, Raquel Miller and Andy Ruiz, all who knew each other from a previous team. Together they took a closer look at women’s cycling as a whole. They spoke about the disparity that women face at all levels of the sport, as well as the things they thought women could do more of, or even better in some cases, to increase exposure and opportunity. The group strongly believed that if they could win the trust of sponsors, partners and supporters, they would be able to put together something that was truly unique! Within a matter of a few months, the team, (which went without a name for quite some time), brought on an impressive 15+ sponsors.

Initially surprised by the generosity of the companies and individuals they had contacted for funding and product, these individuals attributed their willingness to the team’s thorough sponsorship materials and their ability to connect with sponsors on a personal level. Additionally, the assistance and input of individuals they confided in along the way: Alison Powers (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis), Amber Pierce (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies), and Michael Engleman (Former Pro Cyclist & Director of Mission Sports Group), was invaluable to the development and continual revision of the team vision.



In addition to the team being a member of the Women’s Cycling Association (WCA), Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation has also aligned itself with Bike Pure in promoting honest, ethical sport. The riders firmly stand behind the notion that cycling fans need heroes they can believe in. They believe that in order to have an impact, particularly on the next generation of riders, they themselves must serve as positive role models on and off the bike.

They are amazed at the number of news stories regarding amateur/masters level athletes knowingly using performance enhancing drugs and continuing to tarnish the integrity of the sport. All riders of Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation pledge to use only natural talent and hard effort, to never use performance enhancing drugs and to educate themselves and others about anti-doping guidelines and forbidden substances in order to protect the integrity of the sport. Riders of Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation are excited to display the distinctive blue Bike Pure wristband and headset spacer as a symbol of their support!

Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation will race a mix of Northeast Regional, NRC and UCI races throughout the 2014 season. Some of their race highlights will be Joe Martin Stage Race, Parx Casino Philadelphia Cycling Classic, and Le Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau. They will also be organizing skills clinics at schools in the Albany area and are currently working on partnering with a non-profit; to be finalized in the next few months, so stay tuned!

2014 Roster:
Andy Ruiz (Delmar, NY) – Director Sportif
Patty Buerkle (Philadelphia, PA)
Leslie Lupien (Enfield, NH)
Kate Lysakowski (Quincy, MA)
Raquel Miller (New York, NY)
Celia Riechel (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Beth Ruiz (Delmar, NY)

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