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Welcome to the New Bike Pure Youth and Junior Ambassadors!


Over the next few seasons we will catalogue the rise of four of the UK’s newest and hottest cycling talents. They will be blogging for us on a number of topics associated with being a young and aspiring cyclist in today’s competitive world.

All have aspirations to be Olympians and pursue careers in the pro peloton. Two of them are from the British Youth categories and two from the Junior categories. In the UK, youth riders are up to 16 years of age, then progress into the junior ranks (16-18) for two years. After this, if they are successful juniors and are still part of the British Cycling Podium Programme, they move onto the Academy system.

The British Cycling Podium Programme consists of the youth riders in the ‘Talent Team’, junior riders on the ‘Olympic Development Programme’ (ODP), the Academy for under 23’s then the Podium Team for the over 23s.

Our two junior riders represent an insight into the sprint world and that of the endurance rider from a female perspective. Ellie Coster, rides for Olympic Development Programme as a sprinter and Emily Nelson an endurance rider also on the ODP.

Our youth riders are a year apart. Joe Holt is already on the Talent Team and is looking to advance onto the ODP next season, and Jess Roberts is a year younger, looking to attain a placement on the GB Talent Team.

The blogs and occasional vlogs that they will produce for us, will be an insight into the extremely tough world that is youth and junior cycling when the next or next but one Olympic Games is your ultimate dream. They will give us, as we say in the UK, a ‘warts and all’ guide to how it actually is. We see expensive bikes, kit, sponsors and investment from the sports governing bodies and wish we were there or even believe ‘we could do that’.

Well this will be the reality! the skillful juggling of training, competition, family, friendships, school, homework and last but not least….. a social life!

At any stage, at any age, these ‘youngsters’ could be called into international duty. This was recently demonstrated by Britain’s Elinor Barker. She had just finished her junior years on ODP and was days into being a BC Academy rider, and due to an illness to Jo Rowsell, was called into February’s 2013 2013 World Championships for the GB senior women’s team in the Team Pursuit with Dani King and Laura Trott.

Not only did Elinor manage to match their pace plan, she slipped into the well practiced team dynamic seamlessly, and as a result ‘cycled away’ with not only a gold medal but the accompanying coveted rainbow jersey. Shortly after this epic achievement, she returned back to the junior ranks and won the junior time trial championships and this time the junior rainbow bands. Straight after this, Elinor returned home to Cardiff in Wales, and whilst the likes of Dani and Laura were taking a well earned rest and preparing for a new road season with their Wiggle-Honda pro team, Elinor went back to school and revision for her A Level studies.

This is the dedication to task and subsequent recognition and reward we at Bike Pure promote and actively support where we can, and with the help, dedication and insight into the lives of Jess, Joe, Ellie and Emily we show you what this looks like.

We’ve included some brief thumbnails and info on the guys below as a method of introduction. In the coming weeks they will be posting blogs and vlogs on this site, only when they have time or feel they have something to tell.

Thanks again for all your support,

Karl Nielsen
Bike Pure UK / Europe

Youth Ambassadors

Joe Holt

Joe Holt

Name: Joe Holt (nickname – The Beast)
Race category: Youth A
First Club: Bynea CC
Current Club/ Team: County Cycles Racing Team
Ambition in cycling: to become a professional
Hero / Heroine: Mark Cavendish
Why I accepted the role of Bike Pure Ambassador: I simply want to grow up in a clean sport and try and get that message across to as many people as possible.

Jess Roberts

Jess Roberts

Name: Jess Roberts (The Boss)
Age: 14
Race category: Youth B
First Club: Towy Riders
Current Club / Team: Towy Riders
Ambition in cycling: To be the best in the world.
Hero / Heroine: Marianne Vos
Why I accepted the role of Bike Pure Ambassador: I totally agree with the principles of bike pure, and it is a privilege to represent them.

Junior Ambassadors

Emily Nelson

Emily Nelson

Name: Emily Nelson
Age: 16
Race category: Junior
First Club: Lichfield CC
Current Club / Team: Solihull CC
Ambition in cycling:
Represent GB at the Olympic Games
Hero/ Heroine: Bradley Wiggins
Why I accepted the role of Bike Pure Ambassador:
Cycling isn’t just about power output or speed. It’s about ambition, commitment but also bravery. Taking drugs to enhance your performance means that you can get away without this, which changes the racing in the sport I love.

Ellie Coster

Ellie Coster

Name: Ellie Coster
Age: 17
Race category: Junior
First Club: Bush Healthcare
Current Club/ Team: Bush Healthcare
Ambition in cycling: To be the best bike rider I possibly can, and to represent my country in Commonwealth and Olympics Games.
Hero / Heroine: Chris Hoy
Why I accepted the role of Bike Pure Ambassador: To promote and support fair racing in cycling and to help eliminate drug use in my sport.