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Open Letter to UCI & WADA on Lack of Dope Testing Post Cyclocross Worlds

  Dear UCI & WADA, It has been brought to our attention by a selection of cyclocross riders that there have been a lack of in-competition dope tests carried out in European cyclocross since the 2017 World Cyclocross Championships. The 2017 Cyclocross worlds took place in Luxembourg at the end of January but since that event there …


Sexism in cycling by Alys Masters

Sexism in Cycling: This week the cycling world was shaken by a storm that has been brewing for years in the British Cycling headquarters in Manchester. The dismissal of Jess Varnish from the Olympic podium programme earlier this month provided a spark that lit a fire that’s been on the horizon for decades. Sexism in …


489 Olympic Doping Test Samples Retested

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has today released information that they retested 489 dope test samples taken during the 2006 winter Olympics which were held in Turin, northern Italy. The IOC didn’t go as far as to say if any of the samples returned a positive result but said that any findings would be released …