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Supporters of Integrity in Cycling


After a long delay, we finally have a new range of t-shirts available. We’re proud of the new designs and they’ve been welcomed by many people, including the pro riders who form part of our organisation.

We would not have been able to produce the new range without the help of the sponsors whose names adorn the sleeves of each design, namely SKINS, Aspire Velotech and Defeet.

Each company involved have one thing in common – a combined commitment and dedication to anti-doping and a shared value in the future of cycle sport, sending a positive message across the sport.

SKINS, who sponsor the ‘Bike Pure Riders’ t-shirt are the world’s leading compression clothing company, has a long established alignment with integrity in sport, “The principles, values and message of Bike Pure and the aspiration of clean cyclesport are shared by SKINS in its mantra celebrating the true spirit of fierce competition”, said Benjamin Fitzmaurice, Sports Director of SKINS Cycling. Fitzmaurice continued, “The riders that share those principles ought to be lauded and congratulated. The t-shirt promoted by Bike Pure and SKINS celebrates the stance taken by professional cyclists against cheating in sport.”

Michael Golding, President of Aspire Velotech and long established supporters of our organisation also expressed their support for the Bike Pure, “Integrity is a value we respect and believe in.  It is our honor to sponsor Bike Pure and its mission.” Aspire Velotech sponsor the ‘Bike Pure logo’ t-shirt.

Our 100% CLEAN t-shirt, currently the most popular, is supported by Defeet. Shane Cooper, President and founder of the leading sock company sent us this message, “As founder and President of a company that manufactures and markets products for cyclists, I have watched with much sadness the hardships the sport of bicycle racing has faced over the last decade. Through that time, DeFeet has sponsored many professional and amateur racing programs. We do our best to align our company with those that are making concerted efforts for transparent, clean sport.”

“We support the quest for truth and admire Greg LeMond for his stance against the so-called “code of silence” in professional racing. Every company in the cycling industry wants to benefit from the growth of our sport. That growth can’t come at the expense of future generations having to compete under corrupt organizers, drug aided opposition, or teams and doctors who administer to them. When a system is broken it needs fixing. Our entire industry needs to be brave enough to acknowledge truth, do the right things, and rebuild stronger. For these reasons, DeFeet doesn’t just say we support Bike Pure in “me too” fashion. Any “code of silence” needs to be put to rest. The beautiful sport of cycling deserves better. We actively support Bike Pure.”

We wish to thank everyone who has already purchased a t-shirt to show their support for us.
T-shirts are available here with FREE shipping worldwide and a free wristband and headset spacer included, priced at only £13 (approx $20USD and €15).