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Sunwise Hastings Sun Glasses

Sunwise Hastings Sun Glasses
Product Type: Hastings
Brand: Sunwise
Review Date: June 2015
Rating: golden-stargolden-stargolden-stargolden-stargolden-star

Who are Sunwise?

To be brutally honest, we hadn’t heard of Sunwise. Further investigation opened us up to a huge range of eyewear products, not just aimed at cyclists but for a wide range of sports including golf and rowing. Better still, Sunwise is a UK company and their product range is made in the UK.

The Importance of Eyewear
Eyewear isn’t only for sun protection. If you ride a bike you’ll understand how glasses also protect you from road chips, wind, rain, flies and overall eye protection and care. Personally, I wear contact lenses most of the time whilst riding, therefore additional protection from wearing glasses is paramount.

First Impressions
As I removed the Sunwise Hastings from their nicely designed hard case, first impression is how lightweight they are, so much so that you can hardly feel you’re actually wearing them. The glasses offer a simple but strong design – much what you would expect from a well designed pair of sunglasses.


There was never a moment when I had to readjust the glasses whilst riding, the nose grip worked as it should and the angle of the arms is enough to provide just the right feel on either side of your head. There is a fair amount of flexibility in the arms so even those with a wider head should be fine. In fact, they are so comfortable that you often forget you’re wearing them at all!

Colour Range
Hastings are available in three different arm colour combinations of Snow, Midnight and Chrome. The lense colour remains the same on each colour model. Colours are subtle and overall these glasses look and feel very professional.

Good peripheral vision is paramount with any set of glasses, even more so when you’re riding a bike at fast speeds and around tricky corners or off road tracks. The Hastings offer seamless panoramic vision and clarity across the whole visibility area with it’s British designed one piece lens. Hastings have no frame so your vision area is virtually 360 degrees and provides greater clarity because there’s no frame to obscure view.

We liked the fact you don’t need to fiddle around changing lenses. Hastings have light reacting technology which adjust to different lighting conditions. We rode them both early morning and evening to see if they ticked that box and they certainly did. Lenses are of course 100% UVA and UVB resistant which you would expect.

Road and Off-road
We tested the Hastings on both road and mountain bike. We’ve had issues with other brands of glasses steaming up. There’s nothing worse when reaching a climb or slower section and you’re hit with the dreaded fogged lenses! There were no such problems with fogging with Sunwise and they are marketed as such, so good to see they perform in this area.

Supplied with a lightweight zippable hard case and cleaning cloth.

A great pair of shades both on and off the bike.
If you’re looking to break away from the world brand leaders and support an equally impressive UK company who have a vast range of products across all sports, then we certainly recommend the UK made Sunwise glasses. The Hastings model we reviewed is their top range product but Sunwise have many products to suit all budgets and styles.

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