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The Belgian Project


The Belgian Project is an inspiring initiative run on a voluntary basis by Dany Blondeel in Ireland. The project focusses on talented young riders who have dreams of racing in Belgium and making cycling their career. Through a network of committed individuals both in Ireland and Belgium the project enables young riders who may never have the opportunity or funds to experience racing in Belgium the chance to do just that.

Project Type: Development of young riders
Client: The Belgian Project
Release Date: December 14, 2014
Categories: Junior to Under 23

Bike Pure are one of the Belgian Project’s sponsors and we supply riders with many items such as clothing, bottles, wristbands and our ethical sport education literature to assist them in their development through cycling. If your company or organisation would like to support this fine project then please contact Contact Dany on 0044 (0)28 91 827628 email: mobile (0044) (0) 7527548234