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Pledge Your Cycling Team’s Support for Sporting Ethics

Pledge Your Cycling Team’s Support for Sporting Ethics

We are honoured to have the support of a large number of cycling teams across the world who join forces with us to promote sporting ethics to their own membership. Support can be shown in many ways from Bike Pure providing ethics educational packs to clubs, to teams showing their visual support by adding our logo to their team clothing.

In an environment where a ‘win at all costs’ mentality exists, we really want to change sporting attitudes, ensuring that younger athletes aspire to display sportsmanship and respect. Whether you are a parent, coach or cyclist, you too can help promote the principles of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship isn’t only about saying ‘NO’ to doping or cheating, simple gestures such as congratulating your opponents or thanking officials who organise your local cycling event go a long way.


Sporting ethics apply to all levels of skills and commitment, recreational activities as well as competitive sport. Your own sportsmanship values can also form building blocks which ultimately have a positive effect on others such as fellow athletes, coaches or parents.

Why not get your own team involved with Bike Pure?
Many clubs and Teams across all abilities and disciplines already show their support by displaying our new ‘we support ethics’ logo to their team kit. We offer team packs which contain our wristbands and educational material and also provide members of clubs with extensive discounts on our online store. We can even put a photo of your team kit onto our social media pages which provides great exposure for any team sponsors you may have.

Get your team involved today by simply sending us an email or filling out the contact form on our website here.