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Motorised Doping Tests Introduced at Tour de France

Motorised Doping Tests Introduced at Tour de France

Motorised doping has hit the headlines this year, more so after the sanctioning of a Belgium rider at the world cyclo cross championships in January. Testing has been increased throughout the season with the UCI using tablet computers equipped with specialist software to complete several thousand tests so far. News broke today that both the UCI and the Tour de France organisers will undertake two forms of motorised doping tests.

In a welcomed statement from the UCI today, they said “For the forthcoming Tour de France, the UCI will have resources in place to conduct between 3,000 and 4,000 tests.”

Thermal imaging cameras will also be introduced at the Tour and carried out by the French Ministry of Sport, thus doubling the efforts of the sport in the fight against cheating in sport. The new thermal imagery was developed by the Commissariat of Atomic Energy at the request of the French government. These thermal imaging cameras were used at the recent French national championships.

The main benefit of such imagery is that testing can be carried out whilst the racing is going on, providing on the spot imagery to those who require it.

Rumours of motorised doping have been circulating since 2010, but never been proven in road races. Such testing measures are welcomed and if used in the correct way will certainly minimise the risk of cheating.