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IOC Ruling: A Giant ‘F*ck You’ to Clean Athletes Everywhere

IOC Ruling: A Giant ‘F*ck You’ to Clean Athletes Everywhere

Just days after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) released it’s Report into state-sponsored doping within Russian sport, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have said Russia will not face a total sporting ban from the forthcoming Rio Olympics which begin on August 5th.

There has been global outrage at the IOC’s decision, where Russia was fully expected to receive a ban. Anti-doping organisations, governing bodies and many athletes themselves have expressed shock at the decision, one that is a major blow for fair, honest sport.

The IOC will leave any decision to ban athletes to the individual’s own sports governing body. Even so, this gives very little time (12 days) for those governing bodies to carry out individual analysis of each competitors anti-doping and testing record. Russia’s Olympic team will consist of around 387 competitors with their track and field athletes already ruled out of the Games by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) due to past doping positives.

With overwhelming evidence of state sponsored doping, why has the IOC allowed a nation to participate at an Olympic Games? This is the big question. If athletes break the rules they are sanctioned but this is STATE SPONSORED DOPING which has gone unpunished. We are very disappointed that the IOC hasn’t shown adequate leadership to protect clean athletes and clean nations and as such this is a devastating blow to sporting ethics.

In a move to somehow soften the blow, Bike Pure have decided to ‘boycott’ the Rio Olympics. We shall not be reporting any sporting endeavours from the event on our website or social media channels. We feel that having a country present that was proven to facilitate and support state-sponsored doping strips away the true essence of sport and sets a worrying precedent for future sport and the wrong message to young kids who participate in sport.

The IOC have missed a huge opportunity to represent clean athletes everywhere. By supporting state sponsored doping they have dishonoured the dedication and sacrifices of clean athletes everywhere.

It’s ironic that the IOC’s website carries the slogan, “The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination or any kind, in a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” and that it “promotes sports ethics and fair play.” We tend to disagree.

F*ck You IOC.