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Interview with Alex Wohler (Team Budget Forklifts)


20 year old aspiring pro bike rider Alex Wohler racing for Australian based squad, Team Budget Forklifts, was introduced to Bike Pure via Teco Training in January 2010 and spent some time with Co-Founder Andy Layhe at the Australian Nationals in 2012. Ever since, Alex has supported a clean sport while spreading the important message.

Alex’s coach is Peter Richards of Teco Training based in Queensland, Australia. Richards sees huge promise in the young rider, “I started working with Alex a couple of years ago, he was very keen and showed that he had some excellent numbers in testing. He listens to advice and always wants to know where he can do better.”

Richards is full of praise for the youngster, “”When I first met him, I felt he could be a good time trailer and even though he has done well in sprints I do feel that this is an area where he can excel and in the recent Tour De Perth he proved that. I told Alex he would have to give 100% to succeed and he does, I see a great future for him. As a coach, he is a pleasure to work with and I see a great future for him.”

Our South African Ambassador Yolande caught up with Alex prior to the Tour de Perth…

For those who are unfamiliar with Team Budget Forklift, share with us some insights into the setup of the team?
Team Budget Forklifts began in 2006 as a Perth based Junior Development team & has since gone onto become one of Australia’s top domestic teams. The UCI Continental team holds its values at developing riders into professional athletes & giving them that stepping stone to gain results to be picked up by European & American teams. We are a UCI Continental team with riders based all over Australia & New Zealand, racing the National Road Series here in Australia & some UCI Asia Tours.

You have mentioned that you have been introduced to Bike Pure in 2010, what anti-doping message would you like to share with others?
My anti-doping message is say NO to performance enhancing drugs & succeed with your own ability, your letting down a number of people not only yourself. This decision will affect your life in the long run & this can’t be reversed. Make the right decision & live your life knowing you gave your sport 100% commitment with your hard work.


What inspired you to become a professional bike rider?
I raced BMX as junior for many years & accomplished great results. I transitioned into road & track racing as a junior for extra training for BMX until I hung the bike up. After a short hiatus, as corny as it sounds the 2009 Tour gave me inspiration to take the sport back up again. From then i’ve progressed to where I am today & am thankful for the help people have given me over the last few years.

What makes cycling such an exciting sport?
There are many aspects that make cycling exciting. For me the fact you can ride your bike all day at your own pace & conquer mountain tops, you’d never go is something that makes me happy. The places cycling can take you & the cultures you get to experience is something irreplaceable. Cycling is such a tough discipline, you spend 15 – 30 hrs a week on your bike training hard for months on end for one race & on the day it can go either way, in your favour or against you. Its all about making your own luck & throwing your arms up over the finishing line in first place is the best feeling, knowing you have given everything & all the hard work has paid off. Its an indescribable feeling!

You are participating in an upcoming Australian National Road Series, kicking off in Perth, any goals in mind for the tour?
Tour de Perth is the first race on the National Road Series Calendar. Team Budget Forklifts is looking to stamp our authority & show the teams we mean business again this year after a dominant 2012. My personal goals are to take stage wins on the sprint days & contend for the sprint jersey.

What message do you have for you loyal fans out there?
Follow your dreams, only you can make them come true.

From our side, we would like to wish Alex all of the very best with his season ahead.

Coach: Peter Richards – Teco Training