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How Could You Help Your Sport?

Since it’s inception, Bike Pure has grown to become the world’s largest independent anti-doping organization of its kind. Riders and fans across more than one hundred countries have joined our efforts to help promote fair sport.

The blue wristband, droplet and headset spacer have become a symbol synonymous with clean, pure sport.

Cycling fans – Add your voice to Bike Pure to show your support for fair, honest sport:

Help propose ideas to help repair our sport. Volunteer with Bike Pure as an ambassador for our sport.
 Support and encourage the professional riders and teams who form part of Bike Pure.
Simply add your name here for free to show your opposition to doping.

Why not get your whole team to show their support for anti-doping – join up for free here. We simply add your team photo, information and your commitment to anti-doping.

Professional Riders:

Race and train with honor and respect for your fellow competitors and fans. Be a a role model for cycling and show the world you are opposed to doping in our sport. This is a personal commitment of honour on your behalf. By joining Bike Pure you vow only to act for the good of your sport. We provide a profile page for pro riders and teams, with links to your sponsors. Join up with Bike Pure

Professional Teams:

Protect the integrity of your riders and your sponsors’ investment.
Promote honourable sporting practices.
Safeguard rider health and well being before results. Please join here.

Cycle trade and Industry – Protect your brand image:

The Bike Pure Certification Mark provides consumers with an assurance that your company endorses Bike Pure’s anti-doping philosophy. Bike Pure is viewed the world over as a trusted brand, associated with honesty and integrity.

Registered companies can share in Bike Pure’s positive message by using the Bike Pure Certified Mark as a visible sign of ethical union, integrity and honesty.

We believe that companies should send a clear message that they will not support, condone or tolerate doping in sport. This can be achieved by becoming Bike Pure Certified.

Foe more details on how your company or organisation can become Certified please go here.

Race Organizers:

All race organizers are asked to invite only riders/teams with a clear anti doping stance and history. Refusing a start in their event, to previous doping offenders, makes a clear message to teams, to employ only honest riders and riders that doping, even post sanction will still haunt their career.

Everyone has a part to play in cleaning up cycling.