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Dalby UCI MTB World Cup


The World Cup series defines the finest Cross Country cyclists on the planet. The season long competition kicked off in Pietermaritzburg (SA) and continues with round two in Dalby forest in North England. This festival of Mountain Biking begins in Pickering on 20th May, finishing on Sunday 22nd May. The World Cup is an important part of the qualification procedure for the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and thus a massive showcase for cycling worldwide.

It is important for all the cyclists taking part to race with pride, naturally and Bike Pure are delighted to have athletes, both Elite men and women race to their code of honor. To have role models who don’t cheat and can be respected is important not only to the fans but the future of our sport.

This weekend Conor Graham (as well as looking after Irish elite rider Ciara McManus) is representing Bike Pure in the athletes village. The pair run Summit Mountain biking . Should anyone want to meet up, please lets us know and we will arrange.

To ALL competitors, have a safe, Pure and fast weekend!

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