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Paniagua Launched at 10% Discount

Today we launched a project that has been in the planning for more than a year. We have started to produce a new carbon frame set, fork and seat post which is available to purchase at our online store. The package is titled ‘Paniagua’, derived from the Spanish term ‘pan y ague’ which translates to …


Bike Pure Launch Cycle Tours Initiative

Today sees the launch of Bike Pure Cycle Tours, a project aimed at promoting the positive aspects of cycling to provide a platform whereby cyclists of all abilities can engage in the cultural aspects of cycle sport at some of the greatest cycling events that exist today. Bike Pure Tours allows us to engage with …


Anti-Doping News Update

Confirming what many thought would occur, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have banned the use of xenon and argon gas, thought to be beneficial in the production of naturally occurring EPO in the body to increase performance. Rumours had been circulating for some years that argon and xenon gas were being used in professional sport. …


Bike Pure Anti-Doping Education Resource Packs

For a number of years we have been sending our education resource packs on request to coaches and riders around the world. Due to high demand we have now made the packs more readily available at our online store. If you are passionate about sporting integrity and honesty,  you may be interested in these Educational …


Authentic World Cycling Champions Jersey Signed by Vos and Costa

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to bid on a limited edition specially commissioned Santini World Champions jersey signed by the two current World Road Race Champions Rui Costa and Marianne Vos. Santini were kind enough to donate jerseys to Bike Pure which were passed onto Marianne and Rui for signing. This is …


The Giro d’Italia is starting Belfast….say it again. By Andy McGibbon

The Giro d’Italia is starting in Belfast.  I still can’t quite believe or understand how this happened.  I’m still not convinced its actually is happening, I’m sure it’s a big old prank.  Today I’m going down to the team introduction with some of my club mates from Apollo Cycling Team and until I see something …


World Paracycling Blog by Oztandem

Fresh from their record breaking ride and proudly wearing their Paracycling World Championship jersey’s, we’re delighted to present the latest blog from Oztandem, aka Mick Curran and Matt Formston. The ‘Impossible’ in the morning, becomes ‘Possible’ by the afternoon. We set our minds on winning the 2014 Tandem Pursuit Rainbow Jersey in January, 2014; only …


OzTandem Take World Paracycling Championship and World Title

Bike Pure bloggers and supporters OzTandem, aka Mick Curran and Matt Formston, have achieved their dream of becoming world paracycling champions, posting a world record time at the paraCycling world championships in Rio, Mexico today. After many months of intense tandem and Wattbike training and basing themselves on the track in Adelaide in the weeks …


Please Support New Irish Cycling Safety Campaign

There are an ever growing abundance of cycling safety initiatives and campaign groups emerging in recent times. Their popularity only affirms that our roads are becoming more difficult to ride on in a safe manner and that sharing the road with cars and trucks is becoming increasingly stressful for both cyclists and drivers. We recently …


New Study Reveals Steroid Users Increase Risk of Heart Disease

New Study Reveals Steroid Users Increase Risk of Heart Disease…

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