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Apollo Cycling Team Rockets Youth Development

There are few things more gratifying than seeing a young cyclist perched on a bike, face etched with customary smile and a mask of sheer enjoyment on their face. Yet behind every young cyclist or group of young riders is a network of trusting and passionate people and parents who go out of their way …


Paniagua Launched at 10% Discount

Today we launched a project that has been in the planning for more than a year. We have started to produce a new carbon frame set, fork and seat post which is available to purchase at our online store. The package is titled ‘Paniagua’, derived from the Spanish term ‘pan y ague’ which translates to …


The Giro d’Italia is starting Belfast….say it again. By Andy McGibbon

The Giro d’Italia is starting in Belfast.  I still can’t quite believe or understand how this happened.  I’m still not convinced its actually is happening, I’m sure it’s a big old prank.  Today I’m going down to the team introduction with some of my club mates from Apollo Cycling Team and until I see something …


SKINS – Bike Pure Cycling Jersey

The new SKINS – Bike Pure high performance cycling jersey is now available to purchase online and discounted for our supporters. To coincide with the launch we’re offering you a discount on the new jersey. Simply enter the discount coupon code SKINSBPURE05 at to avail of the offer. A percentage of proceeds go to …


OzTandem Paracycling Team

Over the course of the next few months Bike Pure are delighted to be able to offer you an insight into the world of elite paracycling. Through a series of in-depth blogs we shall follow the progress of OzTandem, notably Australia’s world class tandem partnership of Mick Curran and Matt Formston. We’ll not only follow …


First year junior to World Champion in one season ….. my special year

This is the personal journey of my season as a first year junior in British Cycling. My ups, my downs and the learning and development I went through, including my injury woes in the beginning, to my coveted rainbow bands at the end. The end of August last year saw me crash in the National Youth Points Race …


Jack Anderson (Budget Fork Lifts) and Peter Richards (Teco Training)

The relationship between rider and coach is often one that rarely grabs the headlines. Behind the majority of successful athletes is a coach or mentor who more than often provides that extra ingredient to get the very best from a rider’s potential. We caught up with long standing Bike Pure advocate and friend Peter Richards …


Welcome to the New Bike Pure Youth and Junior Ambassadors!

Over the next few seasons we will catalogue the rise of four of the UK’s newest and hottest cycling talents. They will be blogging for us on a number of topics associated with being a young and aspiring cyclist in today’s competitive world. All have aspirations to be Olympians and pursue careers in the pro …


Watts the Story to Tour de France Glory? Report into Doping in the Tour de France

A 148 page report released today describes many of the Tour de France champions as having ‘mutant strength’. The detailed report is compiled by Change Cycling Now panelist Antoine Voyer and funded by ethical compression clothing company SKINS with the input of Chairman Jaimie Fuller. It’s a comprehensive study compiling data and analysis from ‘radar …


Belgium Project Opens Dreams for Aspiring Cyclists

The Belgium Project was the brainchild of Dany Blondeel. Dany, a native of Belgium but now based in Northern Ireland has been working tirelessly for the development of new talent in Northern Ireland with Cycling Ulster, laying a foundation that enables riders  to experience racing in cycling’s heartland with the help and support of a …

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