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Bike Pure Anti-Doping Education Resource Packs

Bike Pure Anti-Doping Education Resource Packs

For a number of years we have been sending our education resource packs on request to coaches and riders around the world. Due to high demand we have now made the packs more readily available at our online store.

If you are passionate about sporting integrity and honesty,  you may be interested in these Educational packs. They are FREE and we ship worldwide.

Although packs are free we do ask that our shipping costs are covered.

 Packs contain our educational literature and additional items of interest relating to how you can adhere to being an honest, ethical sporting role model.

Packs also contain a selection of our wristbands, Token Products Bike Pure headset spacer, Bike Pure metal lapel badge and Bike Pure window sticker. We also include some discounts and promotions from companies within the cycling industry who support our message.

The education of sporting ethics to athletes on a global scale forms an integral part of Bike Pure’s philosophy and it is through these packs that we hope to spread a positive message.

How are the Educational Resource Packs funded?
Design, printing and compilation of packs is funded through the sale of items on our online store.

Packs are available here.

Thank you, with your support we are making a difference.