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Become Bike Pure Certified

Why not align your company or product with ethical sport through Bike Pure? The Bike Pure Certification Mark provides consumers with an assurance that your company endorses honesty and integrity in sport. Bike Pure is viewed the world over as a trusted brand, associated with integrity and honesty within sport. Companies who become Certified can share in Bike Pure’s positive message, using the Bike Pure Certified Mark as a visible sign of ethical union, integrity and honesty.

We believe that companies should send a clear message that they will not support, condone or tolerate unethical practices in sport. This can be achieved by your company becoming Bike Pure Certified. We grant use of the Bike Pure Mark on your website, product packaging and similar promotional material, signifying your alignment with Bike Pure’s image of integrity.

Becoming a Bike Pure Certified company allows your valued consumers to make a difference not only in the products they choose, but also by bringing about a major personal impact in the fight against doping and integrity within their own sport. By purchasing products that carry the Bike Pure Certification Mark, consumers support companies who themselves share and support Bike Pure’s anti-doping message and ethical values.

In return your company will receive advertising on our website, Twitter and Facebook channels along with placement in our email newsletter to members and the implementation of promotions throughout the course of the Certification period.

Certification fees will contribute to the costs of maintaining and developing the core services of the Bike Pure organisation, enabling Bike Pure to continue it’s profound anti-doping presence at both a grass roots and mainstream level.

Each company is issued with an individual Certification Number and logo as part of the Certification process.

For full details on how your company can benefit by becoming  Bike Pure Certified,  please download our new PDF brochure here or email us for more information.