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Amateur Team

We encourage amateur cycling teams and clubs who share our philosophy to join with us in promoting fair, honest sport and sportsmanship.

Bike Pure’s basic principles:-

– Create an environment where both professional and amateur cyclists are never faced with a decision to dope.

– Respect your fellow competitors and officials.

– Inspire true, honest sport amongst all athletes, regardless of age and ability.

– Diminish the ‘win at all costs’ mentality we see in sport.

– To create a positive environment where an athlete can achieve one’s natural, maximum potential.

– Develop sustainable partnerships with coaches across the world to promote ethics and fair play to their athletes.

Many teams carry the Bike Pure logo on their team clothing to show their support.
If you wish to join them, simply drop us an email and we’ll gladly send you our logo to display on your website or team clothing along with free wristbands and educational literature.

If you wish your club or amateur team to be added to our growing list of teams who wish to support honesty and integrity in sport, please contact us here.