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Archives - October 2010


Sports and Courts Don’t Mix

The UCI’s flagship tool which enables them to catch cheating riders amongst its ranks has other sporting communities in awe of their efforts. The bio-passport program has cost over 20 million euro since its inception in 2008 and establishes a database of the world’s finest cyclists, closely monitoring their blood values. But its days could …


Statement on Ruis Costa Situation

Like many of you, Bike Pure was unhappy and disappointed to learn of the doping allegations made against Portuguese cyclist Ruis Costa earlier this week. Many of you will be aware that Costa, a professional cyclist with the Caisse d’Epargne team, is also listed as a Bike Pure role model. While we initially chose to …


Protect the Honest Riders

It has been on the rulebooks for years, yet ignoring its presence has been to the detriment of our sport, perhaps as a reaction to the spate of recent positive returns. Perhaps as a response to the anti-doping community demanding stiffer penalties to both deter riders from doping, or to punish more adequately those who …


Supporting Cycling Communities

Our sport can be an expensive one, and it is crucial that financial requirements don’t prevent young talent from succeeding. We wish to utilize the global network of specialist bike shops and encourage them to support emerging local talent through the sale of our headset spacer. Cycle shops can obtain our headset spacers Free of Charge* and offer …



A punishment is assumed to be a deterrent, to discourage the crime from being repeated and to act as a deterrent to others. Yesterday, the already too lenient 2-year became farcical when the Italian Olympic Anti Doping council (CONI) announced the reduction of Danilo Di Luca’s doping suspension by nine months, due to the cheat’s …


Chance for new blood, not boosted blood.

I think everyone in our sport knows a local talent. A young guy or girl who is the regional hero. Determined and respected for their hard work in training and stylish ability in racing.  Lets just call them John. John has won all there is at junior level, made the transition to the senior ranks, …


Fusion Media and Bike Pure Join Forces to Produce Limited Edition Print

We are please to announce the launch of a specially commissioned limited edition photographic print featuring one of the UK’s most prolific pro cyclists – Dean Downing, who rides for Rapha Condor – Sharp. With the assistance of London based Fusion Media we are producing only 100 prints of this great photograph. Dean Downing and …



Plasticizer: The larger sporting community had never heard of it before this week’s  accusations against Alberto Contador. We welcome its arrival to our vocabulary but not the method which it arrived. Spaniard Dr. Jordi Segura, the head of the IOC-accredited laboratory in Barcelona, refined the test for the substance, (which has been used in the …


New Cycling Pathways Conference Update

What a week it has been for the sport of cycling. As you may be aware, Bike Pure formed part of the panel at the SKINS ‘New Pathways for Pro Cycling’ anti-doping conference in Geelong, Australia which also coincided with the World Championships being held in the same town.


Bike Pure and SKINS Launch Certification Program for Companies

Cycling’s independent voice for anti-doping, Bike Pure, has announced a new certification program for companies to send a clear message that sponsors will not support, condone or tolerate doping in cycling.