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Archives - June 2010


A Week in Doping

It seems it’s becoming an annual event for cycling’s image to be beaten up in the run up to Le Tour. What should be a time of excitement is a time of trepidation. Yesterday, Italian police launched a co-ordinated sting on professional cyclists linked to doctors’ offices in Northern Italy. In the continuing investigation by …


WADA to Oversee Doping Controls During Tour de France

The World Anti-Doping Agency and the UCI have reached agreement that will allow some supervision over doping controls carried out during the forthcoming Tour de France…


The Future!

Teams across the world are uniting in a stance to protect the future of our sport. If your team or club agrees with the following principals, please join us and help the next generation of champions. –  Preserve the honesty and honor of the cyclist –  Respect fellow competitors and the appreciation of all endeavor –  Protect the …


The Miracle of Jonny Bellis (Saxo-Bank)

Team Saxo-Bank pro Jonny Bellis returns to racing later this month after a life threatening motorcycle crash. We caught up with the newest Bike Pure professional…


“He is Motoring!”

What started as a rumor in the cycling world earlier this year, took a firm hold today, when Italian judge, Raffaele Guariniello opened a formal investigation into the possibility of motorised bikes, or ‘motorised doping’ as is sometimes known. A Youtube movie clip with almost two million views has been circulating, to encourage the rumors. …


Breaking the Omerta

It has become apparent that the ‘Omerta’ still lives on in part…


Bike Pure to Support 2010 Ras de Cymru

Bike Pure will be supporting the 2010 Ras de Cymru this year. Promoted by Cadence Cycle Racing and supported by the Newport & South East Wales Business Tourism and Capital Regional Tourism….


ProTour Team Making Efforts to Reform

On stage 12 of the 2008 Tour de France, the Saunier Duval team cautiously took to the start line. But among the chaos of the young star Riccardo Riccò testing positive for CERA, the team retreated to the team bus just before midday and were ushered away from the race and the world’s media pointing …