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How could you help your sport?

The Bike Pure blue wristband, droplet and headset spacer have become a symbol synonymous with clean, pure sport.

  • Add your voice to Bike Pure to show your support for anti-doping
  • Help propose ideas to help repair our sport
  • Volunteer with Bike Pure as an ambassador for our sport
  • Support & encourage professional riders and teams who form part of Bike Pure
  • Professionals, race & train with honor & respect for your fellow competitors & fans
  • Be a a role model for cycling
  • Teams, protect the integrity of your riders and your sponsors’ investment
  • Cycle trade and Industry – Protect your brand image
  • Race organizers, invite only riders/teams with a clear anti doping stance & history


Everyone has a part to play in promoting ethics and fair play.

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How to Improve the Integrity of Cycle Sport: A How to Guide for Riders, Parents and Coaches

The ‘win at all costs’ mentality is undermining the very foundation of sport. Our goal at Bike Pure is to promote cycling by helping to educate cyclists, especially young athletes, to the importance of honest and ethical sport. Athletes who abide by the rules, show respect and integrity for their opponents and officials are powerful role models and promote positive ideals.

This FREE guide, with a Foreword by Graeme Obree, is intended to help promote those ideals across all disciplines and abilities. This brochure will help change attitudes and shift sporting culture and ethical attitudes.

If you have young children who participate in sport, you may have witnessed angry parents or disrespectful cyclists arguing with officials at events. The disappointing actions of these individuals were the catalyst for this document. Our hope is that parents, coaches and young athletes will act in a fair and decent way and thereby become the role models our sport needs and deserves. We encourage you to share this manual with friends, coaches or anyone else connected to sport. We want you to help promote fair and honest sport. Your involvement is vital. You are integral to solving the ethical problems that our sport faces today.

This brochure was funded through the sale of items on our online store – we thank those who support us and those who provided input into this publication.


Projects supported by Bike Pure

We encourage Amateur cycling teams and clubs who share our  philosophy, to join with us in promoting cleaner cycling. We are delighted that any complete team use Bike Pure to tell the world they ride with honesty and integrity.

Who We Are

A a cyclist or cycling fan, your voice can make a difference. Love your sport – protect it. Email

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Teams Aligned to Bike Pure

More than 279 amateur teams worldwide display the Bike Pure logo on their cycling kit to show their unified support of fair, honest sport. Part of the Bike Pure family, we thank all the teams who support and promote ethics.

2015 Bike Pure Sponsors

Since it’s inception, Bike Pure has grown to become the world’s largest independent anti-doping organization. Riders and fans across more than ninety countries have joined our efforts to help repair our damaged sport. Everyone has a part to play in cleaning up cycling, our key sponsors below have helped us on our journey. Please support our sponsors in any way you can. To view the 2015 sponsors in more detail, click on the Sponsors page.


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