Pro Team

For a professional team to Bike Pure, sends a simple message:
“We ride clean – trust us.”

If teams agree with our philosophy on anti-doping, we are delighted that the complete team use Bike Pure to tell the world they ride clean and are opposed to doping.

As with anyone putting their name to Bike Pure’s pledge to ride with honor – we insist it is an individual choice the rider makes and not an order handed down by the Team Director.

The Pledge not to dope, is not between the rider and Bike Pure, but the rider and his friends, family and team mates.  It is the choice to ride clean and with honor. Bike Pure is a medium to let the world know that an athlete has taken this decision to respect his sport and the elements within.

Please complete the form below or email us if you wish for your team to Bike Pure.

Bike Pure is simply a medium for the cyclists to utilize – Riders are responsible for their own behaviour,