Amateur team

We encourage amateur cycling teams and clubs who share our philosophy to join with us in promoting honest ethical sport.

If you’re team supports our message of honesty and integrity in sport then we want to hear from you.

We ask your team to:
- Spread the Bike Pure message of honesty and integrity
- Preserve the honesty and honour of the cyclist.
- Respect your fellow competitors and the appreciation of all endeavour
- Help protect the mental and physical health of current and future champions
- Uphold the ethics and essence of cycle sport.
- To create a positive environment where an athlete achieve one’s own natural, maximum potential.

Many teams around the globe carry the Bike Pure logo on their team clothing to show their support.
If you wish to do likewise, simply drop us an email and we’ll send you our logo to display on your website or team clothing.

Teams in partnership with Bike Pure send a clear message that they wish to protect the future generation of riders coming into the sport. It’s free to add your team, so please enter your details below and make your voice heard.

Together we will work for a better future. Thank you for your support