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Bike Pure is the largest independent anti-doping organization of it’s kind, with a presence in over 95 countries.

Cycling fans, supporters, riders, amateur teams and pro teams form part of our organization to show they are opposed to doping in our sport, adding a voice, that until now, was drowned out by the dopers. We are campaigning for more stringent sanctions for those who break the rules and for more transparency from riders and teams. It’s vitally important to send a strong message to young riders that you can  succeed in cycling without resorting to taking illegal performance enhancers.

Joining Bike Pure and adding your voice to our organization is entirely free – all we ask is you support our anti-doping philosophy. You can show your support for anti-doping by wearing the Bike Pure wristband or fitting our headset spacer to you bike, available from our multi currency store.

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