Global Bike Pure Team Looking for Sponsors

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With many months in the planning, we are only weeks away from launching our global ‘virtual’ Bike Pure team. Our goal is to give those who support us a platform to become more involved with Bike Pure and at the same time doing their own part for fair, honest sport and celebrating the sport of cycling.

Members will receive information packs filled with promotional items and literature on how they can get more involved with us and at the same time avail of some discounted products and services from companies, organisations and sponsors who support Bike Pure. Packs will also include rare signed items and fan cards bringing something very special to members. We shall also be including information about cycling in general, ‘How To’ information and how you can get more involved in cycling and all the health benefits that come with it.

Team membership will be subscription based, with tiered levels to suit all, regardless of geographical location, age, gender and ability. Members will also be offered special discounts on new team issue clothing. Proceeds will be going towards our plans to establish a Junior Youth Development team in 2014 and continue our growth globally on an educational level.

We have one main co-title sponsor already confirmed but are looking for one more along with up to four secondary sponsors who will appear on new team issue clothing and benefit from extensive coverage. So why not align your brand or product with our ethical sporting message?

If you are interested in becoming involved in our new global team please email andy @ and we shall send you our sponsorship proposal.

We shall be releasing more details in the coming weeks and months, this is a project we are very excited about and we anticipate your involvement and feedback.



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