Granville 650B Factory Team launch, Belgium

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bike pure granvilleGRANVILLE 650B FACTORY TEAM was launched yesterday, a Belgium based mountain bike team with talented young Belgian riders (15-23 years old). The team is supported by a Belgian factory, called GRANVILLE (Brussels) and all team members will ride the 650B carbon mountain bikes. The team can also count on the support of SRAM and THOMAS COOK SPORT.

The concept is to discover, form and advise young talented mountain bikers in that long term is much more important than short term.  The multi coaching project with renowned sports experts ( will help each individual team members to achieve its best results. The team have a training centre ( in the Belgian Ardennes where they will attend training camps in preparation for the season and the national championships.

In April, the whole team is travelling to Turkey (Kemer) for a intensive training camp in the Olympos region, so the team will be ready for the national UCI MTB races and the first World Cup in Albstadt.

The team are fully behind the Bike Pure message, carrying our logo on the team jerseys, team literature and all riders wearing the Bike Pure wristband.

In a message to Bike Pure, team coach Maarten Gybels said, “We must take our responsibility with young talents in our team.  So, we are proud to be a Bike Pure clean team and put the logo on the back of the team jerseys, fan cards, posters. We believe!”

Team roster is Seppe Vounckx, Vincent Van de Perre, Niels Vanpol, Nick Vanpol, Emile Verhulst, Lize Struyf and Alexander Loquet.

Watch the team launch here:

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