Former Pro Footballer Reveals Dark Side of His Sport

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Former professional footballer Danny Mills has given a revealing and lengthy account of how players during his era would go to extensive lengths to get the edge over opponents and team mates.

In an eye opening interview on the UK’s Daily Telegraph website with prolific sports writer Henry Winter, the former Leeds United, Manchester City and England defender admitted many illicit practices undertaken during a prolific career.

Mills revealed a culture of needles, blood spinning, pills, cortisone injections and plasma injections across the sport which he was part of up until 2008.

Mills also went onto explain the depths of cheating that occurred on the pitch with players diving and doing essentially all they could to gain an advantage over their opponents. Mills stated “Every player cheats at some point. Whether appealing for a throw-in that you knows isn’t yours. It’s your livelihood, you’re a natural-born winner and morals go out of the window.”

Mills retired from football in 2008 and undertakes extensive charity work with Shine, a Spina Bifida charity, after losing his son to the condition in 2002.

You can read the full interview here.



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