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Like many of you, Bike Pure was unhappy and disappointed to learn of the doping allegations made against Portuguese cyclist Ruis Costa earlier this week. Many of you will be aware that Costa, a professional cyclist with the Caisse d’Epargne team, is also listed as a Bike Pure role model. While we initially chose to remove Costa’s name from our membership roll, we realize that this may not have been the most effective decision in response to such a challenging situation, and we have decided to restore Costa’s name to our website, using this difficult time as an opportunity to create a protocol for the future to help us in handling any similar cases.

Costa’s A sample tested positive for the use of Methylhexanamine in the Portuguese Time Trial Championships on 25 July 2010. He has subsequently been provisionally suspended by the Portuguese federation pending analysis of his B sample.

Bike Pure does not take a position on Rui Costa’s guilt at this time, and will wait until the final adjudication of the anti-doping case lodged against him before deciding whether or not to revoke Costa’s status as a Bike Pure role model and cancel his membership in the organization. We abhor doping and stand firmly against the use of performance enhancing drug use in sport, but we also respect the fairness of the anti-doping process and express our support and encouragement to all of the parties involved in seeking to resolve this profoundly disappointing situation in which we face ourselves.

Ruis Costa’s profile can be viewed here.



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    admin 07.02.2011 at 10:14am

    When you don't know the full facts- unhappy, Unhappy that an athlete who chose to use bikepure as his anti doping medium tested positive as it does pollute the brand. Rui is adamant that he races clean and took a contaminated product. His independent test would back this up. As every athlete shouts 'I’m innocent' the speeches do get lost in the crowd and everyone is left to make their own mind up. Which is unsatisfactory, I do trust Rui, but it stands as a warning for athletes to take utmost caution with supplements. The major outcome is the renewal of interest in contaminated product research. It is up to the athlete to filter all substances he/she takes. If there were a bank of easily available, guaranteed supplements with defined contents that an athlete could have faith in: _ it would protect the honor of the athlete and dump the contaminated positive return, which can destroy an athletes career.

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    Joe Papp 07.02.2011 at 03:45am

    So Costa drew a five month suspension? Are you happy or upset with that? Or ambivalent?

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    Bikepure Wales 27.10.2010 at 07:40pm

    Costa in the clear?

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    Joe Papp 23.10.2010 at 05:21pm

    Great to see Bike Pure confident enough to review and revise its decision in the spirit of absolute fairness. I can't imagine the condemnation of Costa will be anything less than shattering if his guilt is confirmed, but in the meanwhile, no need to convict the guy as guilty before they've even opened the B-sample. Bravo to Bike Pure and kudos for scruples.

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    Luis Oliveira 23.10.2010 at 02:21am

    Costa my be innocent after all (I'm not holding my breath, but that's me.) Keeping him as "role model," however, may be a bit too much. "Role model" of what and for whom, if I may ask? You can not and should not mix up ethical behavior, as Bike Pure proposes, and due process and innocence assumptions. Costa got caught. He may walk on a technicality or some arcane contamination proof. Regardless, this has nothing to do with the fact that he's not kept his standing as role model. Easy for me to judge, you may say. Well, I'm not saying I'm a role model, much to the contrary. But if I have to take sanctimonious with cheating, that may be the proverbial straw.

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    R. 22.10.2010 at 09:47pm

    On the behalf of Rui Costa to Bike Pure: I'm an honest rider... please believe me. I have all the proves about the product contamination. i will fight to prove my inocence. Thanks for everything.

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    Bike Pure 22.10.2010 at 08:57pm

    It's a good point Andy. As fans of the sport, people such as yourself can put pressure on companies by emailing them directly to voice your own concerns.

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    Andy 22.10.2010 at 05:14pm

    Just a suggestion and maybe you guys are already on the ball - why doesn't Bike Pure tackle the teams sponsors? - For example - If Di Luca signs for a team then that team's sponsor should be made to feel the heat from fans. That way they would not agree to the DS employing these people after a ban.

  • 9

    marty rogers 22.10.2010 at 08:20am

    To Andrew, don't know were you got it that Bike pure say he is spanish as statement begins Portuguese rider, also comments test was during Portuguese tt champs, to bike pure well done on reinstating rider to your rosta as you rightly state he has not been convicted of anything yet. Just one comment, maybe a statement from Rui Costa posted on page stating his position would help, if he does not give one then you could review your decision, as member of bike pure surely he has some responsibility to the othe members to explain himself

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    K Prouty 21.10.2010 at 11:14pm

    That is good to hear.Seems the media likes to destroy these riders,before all the facts have come out,and with that i also notice they dont do alot of reporting on the ones found not guilty.

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    Andy McGibbon 21.10.2010 at 10:38pm

    Bravo Bike Pure, the right decision, although I understand how you would have reacted nervously to the A sample results but the fact you have the grace and cajones to do this shows the nobility of your intent, well done.

  • 12

    Andrew 21.10.2010 at 10:32pm

    Please correct. Rui Costa is not Spanish. He is Portuguese.

  • 13

    Tom Stanton 21.10.2010 at 10:29pm

    Top marks fellas. Lets give the guy the benefit of justice prior to any firing squad.

  • 14

    Stacy Terry 21.10.2010 at 10:28pm

    I am so pleased you have re-instated Costa. So many riders reputations are destroyed on the first analysis and I applaud you for going back on your initial statement. We all can learn an awful lot from this statement!

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