Align Your Cycling Event With Bike Pure



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    James 27.05.2011 at 09:48pm

    Very informative about doping and why not to do it :) I Bikepure

  • 2

    monty 02.11.2010 at 03:14am

    exelent video

  • 3

    Greg 02.05.2010 at 07:24pm

    The music is Intro by The XX and its beautiful. Wonderful site and a great message for anyone who who loves cycling.

  • 4

    lee from mass 30.04.2010 at 02:17pm

    Great video. Love the music - who is it? I support clean cycling in all ways!

  • 5

    mikroos 28.04.2010 at 06:55pm

    It really makes me proud to wear the wristband. I am not a pro or even a racer but it makes me proud that I can express my opinion so clearly and openly. Thank you, guys, for giving me a way to do this!

  • 6

    Ellen Briggs 28.04.2010 at 01:00pm

    Great message you people are sending. We need more people like you in sport! Congratulations, inspiring piece. Nice not to see photos of any dopers for a change!

  • 7

    Bike Pure 28.04.2010 at 12:52pm

    Photo's courtesy of and Shane Stokes (Langkawi)

  • 8

    Bike Pure 28.04.2010 at 12:43pm

    A big thank you to Jamie Leung for producing this video for us.

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