Vania Rossi-(wife of Ricco) positive for CERA

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“When you are a father, you think twice before doing something stupid”

Riccardo Ricco, Jan 2010. 

When you are a mother! obviously – not so much.

Today, we learned that Riccardo Riccò’s partner Vania Rossi has tested positive for the blood booster CERA, after she finished second in the Italian women’s national cyclo-cross championships, on January 10.

We don’t have to cast our minds back to the  2008 Tour de France, (where her husband destroyed the race for testing positive to the same drug) as the cycling media are giving Ricco more articles and publicity, than the whole winter cyclo cross or 6 day season. Forgive us, if from here on in – we ignore the cheat.

Once again we think of the innocents. Rossi recently gave birth to their child before a rapid and successful return to cyclo-cross racing. The health of this, or any  child must be more important than any victory. With both parents dicing with drugs that seriously harm their health- I do hope they chose godparents well.

Feedback from BikePure members today, two stand out:

“I know all the medication my wife takes and I imagine Riccardo does too.” GH

“Fastest kid in the playground” WDV
When he returns from his ban to race with the Flaminia team this season, cycling will take a step back. Ricco (+ family) you are not good for our wonderful sport.



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    Christina Van Demere 30.01.2010 at 01:10am

    Why do the mainstream cycling websites not come out in opposition to the dopers. Go bikepure- Our voice

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    marco fusco 30.01.2010 at 01:08am

    Ricco is a disgrace .

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